How to Find Antique English Windsor Chairs to Buy

Are you looking for a genuine antique English Windsor chair to purchase and enjoy in your home? If you are, you may be wondering how to find one. After all they cannot be found in your local department store. So where do you begin?

A good place to start would be your local antiques stores. You can find details of these stores in your local telephone directory as well as online. It would be worth going along to see whether they have any such chairs in stock for you to look at. Don’t despair if they don’t have anything of that nature though; the whole thing about shopping for antiques is that you never know what you will find.

Antique Shop

However they may be able to suggest further sources of antique English Windsor chairs you could check out. Once they know you are looking to buy one, they may even start hunting for one on your behalf. Just be sure you don’t agree to buy anything before seeing it, and give some suggestions as to which type of English Windsor chair you would be most interested in buying.

The internet is another fruitful source of information. Many antique dealers now have their own websites, so you are not restricted to shopping in those stores closest to your home. Most antique dealers can arrange for an item you buy to be delivered to your home if you are not able to collect it in person. Sometimes the prices given on their website will include delivery but on other occasions it will be charged on top. Always make sure you know how much it will cost to deliver your antique English Windsor chair to your door.

Of course it is always advisable to see the chair you want to buy ‘in the flesh’, so to speak, before you actually purchase it. This will enable you to see whether it is in good condition or not. If you bear these tips in mind your search for an antique English Windsor chair could be a little easier than it would be otherwise.