High Backed or Low Backed?

As you will discover when you read more about the incredible range of antique English Windsor chairs that are still with us today, there are several different types of the chair you can find.

But perhaps the most distinctive difference between the designs is the height of the back of the chair. There are known to be both high backed and low backed versions. The high backed version is perhaps the more traditionally English design, whereas the low backed chair was more common in America (and still is today).

High or Low Backed

It is easy to tell whether you are looking at a high backed or low backed chair, as the low backed ones do not tend to have arm rests. They will also be devoid of the so called ‘splat’, which is a piece of wood that runs down the back of the chair in the middle. These could be said to be more occasional chairs, whereas the antique English Windsor chair with the arm rests is more like a wooden armchair.

In both cases there are many different designs of this chair in existence, and they were used in many different homes in the past. There is sometimes a tendency to think that the low backed chair was the simpler of the two designs, but this is not necessarily the case. It may not have the added upper back section at the top of the chair, or the arms, but it can still have some nice ornate touches.

Of course if you are purchasing an antique English Windsor chair, it is worth considering whether you will use it to sit in or simply as an interesting piece of furniture that harks back to the past. If you do want to sit in it you must select something that is comfortable for you. We don’t all enjoy the same design in this way, so it is important to find something that both looks and feels right.

As you will soon see when you begin your search, there are many stunning high backed and low backed specimens worth looking for.