The Different Types of Antique English Windsor Chairs

When you start to explore the history of English Windsor chairs, you will soon discover there are many different types of them. The most famous of them all is the armchair design. This has a single piece of wood curved round the chair to form the arms and the back. A series of spindles – narrow columns of wood – attach this section to the seat of the chair. You will also notice a back section which is also attached to the middle arms section with more spindles.

Different Types

But this is the classic design. How many others are there to look at?

High back

As the name would suggest the high back chair has a higher back than some of the other designs. The back may come in one, two or even three sections, depending on the individual design.

Comb back

The comb back English Windsor chair is so called because the back of the chair resembles the teeth of a comb. The spindles naturally curve round and the design does not have the splat in the middle, which is often of a more ornate design.

Low back

This is the exact opposite of the high back chair and it typically means the chair will have no arms. However this does not apply in all cases, which again shows how there is occasionally some overlap between the designs and the names they are given.

Continuous arm

Another self explanatory name, this type of English Windsor chair benefits from a single piece of wood that forms both arms and continues round the back as well. Generally speaking it will rise up around the back to form a comfortable chair to lean back in.

As you can see there are lots of different types of the Windsor chair available. This is true of antiques and of modern versions of the design. Some designs of the antique English Windsor chair are rarer than others though, so you may have an easier time locating some styles than others. Whichever ones you find, they hark back to a time when the English Windsor chair was a fine addition to any home.